Saturday, September 18, 2010

Virginia Beach....

I spent a marvelous day today in Virginia Beach…  I don’t normally come to Virginia Beach even though it is the closest one to my house because there are so many tourists.  Today was the exception… most of the out of town tourists are gone and summer has officially ended.  The day started out very overcast and breezy but that changed by late morning and  all was right with the world… the sun came out and the weather got hot.  As a side bonus, the Blue Angels were putting on an air show.  It was nice watching them fly over at the beach.  Later in the afternoon I left the beach and did a bit of shopping and eating before returning home… nice day!!!  It is time to get busy on getting ready for my trip to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque and my voyage.  I’m not very excited at this point about the voyage but hopefully that will change….


Bill said...


Two things re Albq.

1. Have a friend that flew in the festival and he said it was the most awesome thing he has done.

2. On my way back to Brea from my Sisters in KC and we spent the night in Albq. As we were leaving driving west toward my home state of Arizona on our way to CA the sight to our rear was really something. Have no idea how many balloons were in the air but had to be several hundred. You will enjoy your time there.

Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Bill Hobart

PS we were on the Amsterdam for two weeks sailing the 26th of July North to Alaska.

Quite a trip!

guy said...

why not? Why are you not excited abt the cruise? oh wait i know? I was like that for the voyage of the vikings in a way that 4 pp cramped into one cabin. Not my idea of a vacation. Oh well nice photos again and like the flyovers. have a great trip. and also bon voyage

Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy Albq!!! Fabulous sights!!To hear you say you are not looking forward to your voyage sounds strange after all the talk of that being the life you love!!!!
Hope your mind changes when the time comes. Enjoy your blog!


June said...

Hi Jeff,
I've been following your exploits with much interest and have throughly enjoyed them. By chance my husband and I will be on the first part of your journey out of Ft. Lauderdale. Hopefully our paths will cross onboard.

Bon Voyage