Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 10 At Sea

Today was a much welcomed day at sea….  Six days of ports in a row make the sea days so much better.  We are coming to the end of a cruise for a lot of folks onboard.  We will have a new bunch get on and a bunch get off Tuesday in Ft. Lauderdale.  I started the morning out right with a 1 ½ hour massage…..  just perfect! That was followed by a Mariner cocktail party at 10:30… nothing like early morning drinks.  OK, so all I drink is diet coke.  The day poolside was just great!  I don’t know where hurricane Tomas is but he didn’t rain on my parade…..  I wonder if it’s raining at the Boatyard. Hope so!  Of course it is Halloween and also a formal night here.  I will wear a tux and one of my new sets of studs & cufflinks… they are so cool.  Anyway, it should be a fun evening.  My choice of costume of the night was Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein….




Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 9 Anguilla

Today was time for a bit of a side trip….. Brad & I planned on leaving St Martin for a while to take the ferry from Marigot, St Martin (French side) over to Anguilla. The trip got off to a bit of a rough start because of a passport issue. The day before I told everyone to make sure they brought their passports. I decided to bring my passport card instead. Even though it says it is good for travel in the Caribbean, the French authorities had a different view. That meant I either scrapped the trip or… take a taxi all the way back to Phillipsburg St Maarten (Dutch side) get my passport and return to Marigot. I chose to go back and get my passport….. not a happy time. Anyway, we finally got underway and after a extremely rough crossing in the ferry, we began exploring Anguilla. The island is quite small, very flat but populated with spectacular resorts and beaches. The trip was certainly worth it, just to see the amazing turquoise colored waters and the powdery white sand. Nice island!!! Oh yeah! I almost forgot..... we left St. Maarten 2 1/2 hours early. It was something about running away from hurricane Tomas... It seems it is hitting all the places we just visited, including St. Lucia, where we were yesterday. When I said I hoped it would rain at the Boatyard in Barbados, I never dreamed I would hit the motherload.... Hope they didn't lose a lot of revenue... OK, maybe that was a little white lie.



Day 9 St. Maarten/St. Martin

As a side benefit of planning our trip to Anguilla, it was my first trip to the capital of the French side of the island, Marigot. It was great to see a rather lovely seaside town with lots of color and busseling with activity… And a little side note: I have gone 9 days on this ship without consuming any deserts, pizza, potatoes, my favorite cream soups, ice cream, bread, sugar, candy… feeling good and wasting away….. I am truly amazed, didn’t think I could do it.