Thursday, October 21, 2010

A lovely day in Ft. Lauderdale....

Today was just fabulous....  Most of the day was spent poolside in the incredibly sunny, hot and humid weather....  perfect.  It was a really relaxing day.  This evening two very special friends, Mike & Janet came by, picked me up and we went out for a really nice dinner.  I was really nice catching up with them and talking about upcoming voyages....  Beautiful evening!  Tomorrow, embarkation day.... Maasdam, here I come.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Bon Voyage and enjoy the sun! We're getting a blast of Canadian air but should improve to 60-70's.
Will be eagerly awaiting the posting of your pictures and comments.
Sorry you missed the Balloon Festival.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip! Looking forward the world through your lens!