Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 103 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Today was just fabulous…. I did pretty much nothing except sit in the sun, read and listen to music. We arrived into Puerto Quetzal in the early morning hours, well before daybreak, so I didn’t get up for the sail in. It was a good thing too because fro some ungodly reason they had us at the container port and not the cruise ship port. It was so silly that they had a container ship at the cruise ship dock…. Originally I had booked a tour to fly to Tikal today but cancelled it. I’m happy I did now since it rained all day there today. I would not have been a happy camper. I went ashore this morning for just a short while to take some photos and then headed for the pool. The big news for the day was that we got out of code red status for norovirus today at 2:00…. Great! It is less than a week now before the World Voyage begins…. I am excited for it to get started and to see my friends….

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 102 Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

Today was a really wonderful day. I had been waiting for this visit because we were going to be in Puerto Chiapas at the same time as the Rotterdam, the ship I spent 131 days on earlier this year on the Grand World Voyage. My dear friends, Ken & Helen, were onboard and we planned on meeting up here. It was a fantastic reunion…. I last saw them in August when I got off the Maasdam fro the Voyage of the Vikings. I hooked up with them at 0900 and we took a shuttle to the town of Tapachula… I was here 3 weeks ago with Aart & Yvonne and was unimpressed but this time I discovered the markets behind the Cathedral and I loved it…. great people shots. We had our fill by noon and headed back to the port. We went back to our respective ships, had a bite of lunch, and met up again at the bar/restaurant at the pier. I saw a lot of friends there from both the Amsterdam & the Rotterdam. It was like old home week. It turned out to be a nice afternoon…. At 4:00 Ken & Helen had to be back onboard so I returned to the Amsterdam . I went for a quick hour of sun before calling it a day. Tomorrow we will be in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala again and I plan on a very quick trip shore side and then bronzing for the rest of the day….