Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 101 Huatulco, Mexico

This morning we arrived bright and early into the port of Huatulco, Mexico. It was pretty much a non-event for me because I planned on spending minimal time ashore and maximum time poolside. I was just here 3 weeks ago and there are only so many places to visit. The beach was an option but it was pretty crowded with a bunch of locals along with 2 cruise ships…. Also, they don’t have Diet Coke in Mexico just Coke Light which I don’t really care for that much. The Azamara Journey was along side us on the pier. I sailed to Bermuda on the Journey in 2007. Anyway, I went ashore and toured around for a while and looked into a couple of shops and headed back to the ship. It was nice going out on the upper decks without a lot of people around. This cruise has close to 1400 people onboard and that makes for a very crowded and rather unpleasant outdoor experience on sea days. Fortunately this voyage is only 14 days long…. Then there is the Norovirus… I haven’t mentioned it in a while. It is still with us. We are still in code red. With so many people onboard and the food service protocols that are put in place during a code red it makes for some long lines in the Lido. They apparently can’t seem to get rid of the virus. The passengers aren’t much help. I still see people leaving restrooms without washing there hands…. Where do these people come from? Great cruise experience? Not at all…. I don’t see myself doing this long a voyage again with Holland America. The Grand Voyages are OK but the others….. not good. I am really tired of this Norovirus adventure. I just want this cruise to be over. That’s a heck of a way to enjoy a cruise. One other issue… the security at Huatulco was a bit humorous. I took a photo of the security boat along side. There were 3 security officers onboard but you can only see one… correct that, one with the leg of another sound asleep. The 3rd is in the covered area asleep. Perhaps they are luring in potential terrorist by feigning sleep. I provide a closeup of the leg…..


Mary said...

Your pictures are always spectacular but the last couple of days they are beyond that. Are you using your new camera? The colors are amazing. What kind of camera did you buy? Thank you again for sharing all of this with us.

Melissa said...

I've been reading your posts daily for quite a long time. Thanks for the great blog! I'm sure that I'm not the only one who lives vicariously through your adventures. I can relate to your comments about Christmases not being the same without your parents. And I'm sorry to hear you sounding a little discouraged today by the norovirus protocols on your current trip. If you ever feel inclined to answer, I'd love to know what led you to your life onboard. Was it something you dreamed about for years and finally attained, or did you fall into this lifestyle a small step at a time? Anyhow, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and journey.

whitey said...

Yes Jeff not a nice way to spend a cruise.
But I did some research and your currents temps are +24C vs our -17C.
Oh to make it easier
= 75F vs our 1F and with a stiff N breeze it's -13F. Oh but the sun is out and we don't have long lines to eat. Wanna trade????
You have a great new years and the way you talking I can see you booking the southern Caribbean again with multiple trips. You at one time loved that even though you had multiple new loads of passengers. You may even run into a whitey. LOL.