Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 11 At Sea

What a fabulous day!!!! Finally, a day in the sun… I now feel as though the warmer climates are finally within reach. Tomorrow we arrive into Long Beach early in the morning (and have to do Customs & Immigration) and I will stay pretty close to the ship. The Tanman is getting back in his element.... We will bring on another 600 + guests to make our total for this voyage around 1200. I may go out with my friend Vicki who is coming onboard for the day and do a little shopping. My main goal is to have another day of sun…. Tonight I will dine in the Pinnacle Grill again…. I really like their food.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 10 At Sea

Today was one of those days to recharge your batteries… It wasn’t the prettiest of days. I just laid back, read for a while and then took a three hour nap….. Tomorrow, I pray, will be a better day. We will be in L.A. (Long Beach) on Wednesday to pick up our final complement of guests before we sail for the South Pacific….bring it on!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 9 Vancouver, B.C., Canada

This morning we sailed into Vancouver, British Columbia…. The sail in was beautiful. What a beautiful city! I spent the day exploring Vancouver starting with going to the top of Grouse Mountain…. The view was great and I loved the Grizzly Bears….. Next we went to Stanley Park, again with great views and even some nice Totem Poles. We were then dropped off at Granville Island, checking out the shops and markets. WE took the ferry across the bay and meandered around the city heading for the Gaston area and the Steam operated clock….very cool. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful city…. We are off to L.A.!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 8 Seattle, Washington

Today was tremendous…. I went out early this morning to dark clouds and overcast skies…. Bummer. Fortunately this changed quickly and we had a beautiful sunny day. I sat in the sun and welcomed old friends on board and people got on the ship for the Grand Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific Voyage. We only have 400 something guests on board but we will pick up more tomorrow in Vancouver and on the 30th in Los Angeles. The sail out was beautiful… I never get tired of looking at the Seattle skyline; it’s one of the best in my opinion…. So I am off once again on a new adventure…..