Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 1 Seattle, Washington

Well….the long awaited day has arrived. It feels like coming home. I have spent over a year on the ship and it is very special to me. There have been a lot of amazing memories here. As this voyage unfolds, there will be some very special friends joining along the way. That is one of the things that makes this so special. Today I saw a number of old friends from the crew. I have unpacked (I brought too much….) and am ready to get cleaned up and go to the Crow’s Nest before dinner. Perhaps I will run into some more old friends. For all of you that have been asking me if I am getting excited over the last week or so….. yes, now I am excited. I am definitely ready for this voyage to begin….

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Kween Karen said...

Good for you! You are on your way and that is wonderful. The Puget Sound area is supposed to have very beautiful weather all week....I am hoping that is extends all the way up the coast to Alaska just for YOU!!