Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 10 At Sea

Today was one of those days to recharge your batteries… It wasn’t the prettiest of days. I just laid back, read for a while and then took a three hour nap….. Tomorrow, I pray, will be a better day. We will be in L.A. (Long Beach) on Wednesday to pick up our final complement of guests before we sail for the South Pacific….bring it on!


whitey said...

3 hours is quite the nap?

Must have needed it?

Rita & Colin said...

Hello Jeff,

Enjoy reading your blog!
Say Hello to Brigitta & Peter when they come on board.
Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
So glad you enjoyed Victoria & Vancouver. You'll have to return to see Buchart Gardens-they are amazing.
Thanks for including the bear pictures.
Here's to tanning lotion season!!!
BVH-Groton, CT