Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 135 Antarctica

OK, here’s the deal…. We have three days sailing around Antarctica and I am psyched… So, that means get used to way too many photos of nature at it’s best. The raw beauty of this place is awe inspiring. It somewhat reminds me of my trip to Greenland in September only here we have a whole continent. I went out this morning layered to the hilt, prepared for the Antarctic cold. And I must say that when you are out on that front deck with winds in excess of 50 Kts per hour it is really, really cold. I took it as a good sign that we saw whales first thing this morning. My face mask was a lifesaver during the time outside. I literally spent all day on my feet glued to the scenery as it went by. Our first stop this morning was at the Anvers Island Palmer Station to pick up some folks to talk about the Antarctic… Then it was off again sailing along taking in all the beautiful surroundings… Most of the day I spent on deck 6 forward and moved to the bow occasionally. Later, I was privileged to view the Antarctic experience from the Bridge. I included a second section for the afternoon photos….

Antarctica.... later that day

Here are some phots taken later in the day during my visit to the Bridge....