Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 105 Fuerte Amador, Panama

Today was a pretty good day…. The sun was very nice and you could tell that it was getting a bit stronger. Fortunately there was a nice breeze to keep it comfortable. We sailed along seeing the occasional dolphin and birds catching fish alongside the ship. We arrived at Fuerte Amador around 4:00 this afternoon and people tendered ashore for a night out in Panama. It does give you a great view of the Panama City skyline from Fuerte Amador. Aart, Yvonne & I dined this evening in the Pinnacle Grill with the Hotel Manager, Marco and his lovely wife Karen. It was a fabulous dinner and great company. I will be sad to see Marco & Karen leave in Ft. Lauderdale… they are a great couple. Kim & Shaun continue to do a tremendous job in the Pinnacle.


vickie said...

neat bird shots and then again, there are those pesky pelicans. Are you using your new camera?

whitey said...

Sign should be bigger or in multiple languages?