Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 128 At Sea

Today was just a lazy day.... The weather has cooled quite a bit and the winds were strong but.... I found a place to sit in the sun and read. We had a formal night tonight which was nice, nothing special. I have been reconsidering the trip to the Antarctica where there is a 4 hour landing. I am still having difficulty getting past the outrageous price.... I'll probably decide tomorrow. I did a little research and see that Crystal Cruise line does the same tour for more than $1000 less.... hmmmmmm. I can't imagine how they can do that unless......

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Anonymous said...

One thing to consider, would be to take the cost of the shore excursion and apply toward a cruise to Antarctica... with Quark or Lindblad or any number of small ships that go down for about 10 days. Admittedly it is quite cold, but if you get sun, it is double dose down there!
I just took a trip there and it is an amazing place to see!