Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 104 At Sea

Today was a great day…. It started out with a haircut at 8:00 followed by pool time. It was a little lonely at the beginning because the winds were pretty stiff. Because of my clips, bungee cords and towel holders it was no problem for me. As you can see from the photo I was on the deck all by myself…. Not bad. As the weather improved, the crowds came and I went to a better, more private spot. The day was just wonderful. Today they also had the Mariner’s luncheon & cocktail party. I am very happy to report that the Captain, Hotel Manager and a number of the staff hosted tables at the function. Well done!… Had I known that the management was going to participate I would not have declined the invitation. Perhaps I’ll attend on the World Voyage. This evening we had a formal night for New Year’s Eve which started with cocktails in the Crow’s Nest with friends. Dinner tonight was really nice and the Cruise Consultant, Char Patton, hosted our table. It was a lovely evening. There we parties around the ship for New Years and I spent most of the evening in the Crow’s Nest. Soon after midnight I made it back to the cabin since my foot was bothering me. It is healed but still tender occasionally…. Great Day!!!!


vickie said...

Happy New Year to you my friend and those you are sailing with Give my regards to Char

john said...

say hello to penny kelly

allan said...

looks like you had a wonderful NY recognised a lot of the bar staff cant wait to see you. We ahd a wonderful NY with our friends and tomorrow night dinner with our kids,pack, Our friend is taking us to airport on Mon. see you SOOOOON Love Sas