Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 132 Punta Arenas, Chile

This morning we arrived into Punta Arenas, Chile around 7:00 a.m. It was a fairly nice morning but it was definitely cold…. The first order of business was to go into town and explore a bit. The area of the town square was pretty nice. We then walked down to the cemetery which is a pretty ornate place and on all the tourist maps. Anyway, the town isn’t particularly exciting but nice anyway. The main activity for the day was a ship shore excursion going out to see the penguins…. Here is the description: “Patagonian Experience - Otway Sound & Penguin Reserve --- Take in the beauty of Patagonia with a brief stop at a penguin colony. Head northeast by motor coach for approximately 90 minutes over mostly unpaved roads, across huge sheep farms bordering Otway Bay. You will have magnificent views of the Pinto Range. Skirting Otway Bay, you will reach the caves where Magellan penguins live and nest. To reach the nests and beaches where the penguins live, you will leave the coach and walk approximately three quarters of a mile, each way, on trails that are unpaved and uneven. Your guide will be with you to help answer questions. Bring your camera for some great close-up photos of these majestic birds. Wild geese and foxes may be seen on the way, as part of the rich fauna of the Chilean Patagonia.” The tour was pretty good although I expected to see thousands of penguins. We also saw other wildlife like a relative of the ostrich family and the majestic Condor… very cool. Nice day!

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Penguins!!! Love it!!!