Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 113 Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Today we arrived into Puerto Limon around 8:00. It was a pretty good day weather wise. It can be pretty oppressive heat wise or rain like crazy but today was great. I went ashore around 8:30 to wander around the town and catch some photos. Before you knew it I started running into all kinds of friends. First I ran into Sandy & Grace and cruised around with them for a while and then Sandra & Allan came along and I joined them. We strolled around a bit and sat at a cafĂ©, relaxed, watched people and enjoyed a cold drink…. Life is good! I strolled around a little looking for photos while Allan & Sandra made some calls and ran into Aart, Yvonne, Dolly, Judith, Joop & Ton…. I visited with them for a little bit and went back and rejoined Allan & Sandra. We walked out along the coast and through the town before deciding to go back to the ship for lunch and…. Pool time! The rest of the day was fabulous sitting out by the pool, reading and chatting with friends….


vickie said...

Which other HAL ship was in Costa Rica with you guys?

Jeff Farschman said...


guy said...

impressive shots. I especially like the shot of the waves breaking on shore. I bet the amsterdam was small compared to the Zuiderdam? Did it follow you through the canal or was that just the seabourn ship?