Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 114 Transiting the Panama Canal.... Fuerte Amador

Another great day! Can you imagine? The 4th time through the locks of the Panama Canal in the last month or so. It was a very nice day fro a transit. It started out with a few showers early in the morning but improved dramatically as the day progressed. We had a bit of lull in the action after coming through the Gatun locks so I spent 3-4 hours poolside with friends. It turned out to be a fairly long transit today of around 9-10 hours (I believe). The transit was very interesting as usual. As we were startng to enter the Mira Flores locks the Chief Officer invited me up on the Bridge which was excellent. We anchored at Fuerte Amador around 6:00 and I went ashore for dinner and drinks with friends which was fabulous. What a grand day!


BettyNL said...

Hello Jeff,

Hopefully you have some idea of how enjoyable your World Adventures are to those of us "left behind"......

If you meet Yvonne & John Holla (from Amsterdam) PLEASE say hello from Max & Selien in Los Angeles, and tell them that we are "sailing" along via your blog!!

Anonymous said...


I do enjoy your photos and commentaries. Forgive me if I've missed this but how long does it take to go through the Panama canal?