Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 93 Mazatlan, Mexico

I had a great day today going ashore in Mazatlan, Mexico. My friends & I hooked a guide and driver and car and toured Mazatlan. We checked out Viejo Mazatlan and all the way down to Zona Dorado. It was a blast. We had fun with the birds along the shore. We would stick pieces of fish at the end of a knife up in the air and have the albatross pick us clean…. Very cool. After our return to the ship I went poolside and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. As far as the ship’s company is concerned, we are still operating under code red for the Norovirus. What a pain in the neck. Apparently they expect to stay that way until at least L.A. I wonder what the CDC is telling them. They are not going to allow onboard visitors in L.A. That’s too bad, my friend Vicki was going to be visiting. Hopefully we will be back to normal operation soon. I saw Olav today our new Captain beginning for the next voyage. It was nice to see him.


Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

give 'em a cliff and they will jump!
Especially like the lunch table foto with the pharmacy just behind. Lunch in Mexico and then.....hmm !!
Hope they get the virus under control soon as it adds a very unpleasant dimension to the Holiday.

Jeff: does HAL ever bother to respond to any of your comments or concerns that they see on the blog or do they just do as they darn well please and ignore you and other people who have also added similar comments or concerns? Pretty sure I already know the answer.

Jeff Farschman said...

They do occasionally get with me on issues that I write about. It is typically Henk.