Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 76 Santa Catalina, California

This morning I went ashore on the first tender into the City of Avalon on the island of Santa Catalina. It was a fairly cool morning with overcast skies. The city and harbor look like a bowl and there were two obvious places to hike for a scenic view. First I walked through town and hiked up to the Chimes Tower (after missing a turn and walking an extra ¾ mile uphill). It was a lovely view from up there and a nice walk. I thought of my friends Mike & Janet who just left the ship. We hiked together on numerous occasions. I walked back down into town and ran into my friends Aart & Yvonne. We decided to hike up the other side to Mt Ada. Again, it was a nice walk and even a more scenic view. The town is lovely with a number of significant highlights like the Casino, a 12 story ballroom and the Holly Hill House with its pointy red & green roof built in 1890. The whole town is very picturesque. It was a lovely day!


allan said...

Great photo's but I need two things #1 The fish and chips #2 The weather , it is 8degrees in Denver But it will be 0 tonight. Allan and Sandra

Holly said...

Wow this is one place in CA I've always wanted to visit. Hopefully I'll be able to one day. As always thanks for sharing!

Vickie said...

Looks like the same pelican from Long Beach yesterday... did he hitch a ride over to the island with the ship yesterday. It did not look like you got inside the Casino? I see you got a picture of the Mansion up on the hill, it might have been too early, but they go a nice job decorating that place for Christmas. I don't know where my head was yesterday, I should have told you to see if Steve's was still open on the waterfront for lunch. They always had great food and a nice waterside view.
Things to do for next time.

PictureTaker said...

Sounds like your foot has healed if you're hiking all over the place. Have enjoyed the photos of the pelicans, especially the one coming in for a landing.