Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 86 Transiting the Panama Canal

This morning I went out on the deck just in time to see the ms Maasdam coming through the Gatun Locks. It was a happy sight…. I got off the Maasdam at the end of August after sailing a magnificent Voyage of the Vikings. At 9:15 we pulled up the anchor and were off again headed back through the canal toward the Pacific. It was a very hot and sticky day. Unlike yesterday, we didn’t have the nice breezes to keep the weather comfortable. I spent the day switching between photography and bronzing. The transit through the canal, as usual, was very interesting and fun. We even did a medical evacuation at the Mire Flores Locks. It was a great day! Tomorrow we are at sea so I will have a chance to rest a bit before we start hitting ports again. It also was very nice to hear from my friends Ron & Wil on the blog. They sent and email to Aart & Yvonne asking them to get me a diet coke…. Very nice. I wish they were here. Perhaps they will join us on the 2011 World Voyage.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff;
nice blog.
wish we were there.
It is snowing here. We have been home since Dec.2/2009. Our departure went swift at 8:15am and we made it to LA airport in 30min. Lots of time for our flight to Vanc. .Arrived at 2pm.
Anthony and Anneke Vandeburgt
ps remember us?