Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 75 Los Angeles, California

Well, a major chapter of this voyage closed today as my fellow traveling companions scattered to the four winds. It is really sad to see all your friends depart. I will miss so many but Wil & Ron are at the top of the list along with Mike & Janet, Sam & Marsha, Bonnie, Stan & Marilyn, all the cruise critic crowd and many others….. I hope our paths cross again very soon. My friends Aart & Yvonne arrived today and will be on until the end of the World Voyage… great news. The debarkation here in Long Beach wasn’t very good. There was a considerable delay getting everyone off the ship…. Very, very poor. I got off the ship and met up with my friend Vicki and we toured around a bit and did a little shopping. I finally got back on the ship after 12:00 and sat in the sun for a while until the cold dark clouds and winds came…. It was time to go in. Tomorrow we will arrive in Santa Catalina, California around 0800. I am just going to take it as it comes… no plans and very low expectations…. Lazy day for me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the weather and the debarkation today, I believe that pier problem was mostly due to the 1000 bags being delivered to FedEx for shipment. I wasn't at the pier until 3, rather at the airport. Dolly is back onboard today, I'm sure you know her from several World Cruises. I enjoy reading your blog daily with my morning cup of coffee, and wish that I could someday enjoy a world voyage. We'll be back in LA in 3 weeks to do your next turn. Enjoy your overnight 26 mile cruise!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see ol' Pedro! Used to live in San Pedro and spent plenty of time in the area!!

Larry said...

Hi always, you are enjoying life as it should be lived. Carol and I just returned from the Black Sea & Med.(38 days) on the Prinsendam and will reboard her in Jan.2010, for the Grand S.America/Antarctic (70 days)cruise. You will be cruising 11 days ahead of us. If you have no specific plans for Ft. Lauderdale (Jan 6), we'll pick you up for the day.
Florida friends,
Carol and Larry

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Love the picture of you on the horse! Did you try to color coordinate with your outfit?
Hope your toe is on the mend and that the sunshine will follow you on the next leg of your trip.
Last nite watched a documentary on
The World. She's an amazing ship to call home and travel the world in each year.
We've had 2 noreasters and are expecting 1-2 inches of the white stuff tonight-a little early if you ask me.
Happy sailing and am looking forward to your photos.
BVH-Groton, Ct.