Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 74 At Sea

Today was pretty much spent saying goodbye to friends. The weather was marginal so I only sat out for a short time. Along with all the guests (except 14) getting off tomorrow, about 150 crew depart as well. Some of the senior staff will be back for the World Voyage starting 6 January but some will not be returning. Two people in particular will be missed on the upcoming World Voyage, Lori & Jacky. I have sailed a great deal with both of them and a definite void will be left behind. Tonight the farewells will continue as we partake of our final dinner together. It has been an excellent voyage and I have spent time with some fabulous people. Tomorrow we will be in L.A. and I will go ashore and spend some time with a long time cruising friend, Vicki who will be coming aboard to visit with a number of her friends on board. She is also restocking some of my diet coke supplies….. It is hard to believe that counting today I am now in my last 150 days of my very, very long voyage. Time flies…. So far I am having a great time.

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Anonymous said...

So where are you headed to next? I hope that you will know some folks that join the next leg of your journey.