Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 73 At Sea

Kind of a quiet day.... The weather was marginal for the best part of the day. I did sit out for a bit but not enough. I did go to the disembarkation talk and farewell. It was the first one I have attended. It was well done..... I am having dinner tonight with my friends Marsha & Sam from Kentucky, should be fun...


Mary said...

After all of your cruises this was the first disembarking program you have been too? I don't usually go either. Now I don;t feel so bad. Enjoy the changeover. Do you have friends boarding in LA?

Anonymous said...

So sorry for you your world voyage is ending, are you getting soft and that is why you attended the final hurrah on the ship??

Rosie said...

Hi Geoff,
I stumbled across your blog before you reach Cairns - I am from oz. I have enjoyed your pictures and commentries.

You sound like you will be happy to be home.

I look forward to your next travel blog.
All the very best

Jeff Farschman said...

You are so wrong! I am not ready to go home and in fact I have another 150 days aboard the ms Amsterdam before I go home.... The journey continues!