Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 50 At Sea

Once again, I was out alone today sitting in the sun. Being this far south is a bit of a challenge but we have been blessed with sunshine at least. Tomorrow we will be sailing through 3 separate Sounds in Fiordland National Park which is situated in the southwest of New Zealand’s south island. I have been here and it is spectacular…. We enter Milford Sound around 0700, Thompson Sound 1130 and finally, Dusky Sound around 2:00. I hope the weather forecast holds (clear, 50 degrees) so I can get some nice photos to show you. This will be the start of about 8 straight days sightseeing in New Zealand. It will be great but very tiring…. Maybe that’s why I just had a massage to prepare for the next 8 days. 50 days…. Amazing!


whitey said...

It was either the flash or reflection off white jacket that made the young lady appear much darker? Enjoy New Zealand.
I seems you associate a lot with this couple so are they on the WHOLE voyage with you?
Just in case your concerned about us freezing up here the forecast today is for Sunny skies and high's in the 60's.

dita said...


My name is Dita and I am a friend of Wil and Ron.
Yesterday someone gave me this site, so I could see some pictures of Ron and Wil.
I didn't know that this site was someone's others site.
I looked to almost all the pictures,and I love the pictures very much!!
Later this week I will try to read the blogspot...that takes time ;-)

Can you say hello to Wil and Ron, I think they will be surpised about it ;-))

I wish you further a very nice and save trip.

I know my writing English is not so well, but I try my best.


Dita Poldervaart
the Netherlands