Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 57 Auckland, New Zealand

As I journeyed out on the deck this morning I was disappointed with the overcast skies over Auckland New Zealand. I was really hoping for better weather. I had arranged to go ashore with my friends Mike & Janet to explore Auckland and the surrounding area for a while. Our first excitement of the day came as we were getting off the ship when Janet was apprehended by the beagle that would sniff people and bags for bringing in illegal fruits, vegetables and other assorted food products into New Zealand. It turned out she had a very small piece of lavender in one of her pockets….. Mike & I were horrified, of course, that we would be spending the day with a known criminal….. Anyway, we were off on our adventure for the day. First stop was Kelly Tarltons, a combination Antarctic encounter and aquarium. First we checked out a replica of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic hut. It was pretty amazing. Then it was off to see the penguins…. a definite highlight! Then we went thru an underwater tube with sharks, stingrays and all other sorts of fish swimming around. It was almost like snorkeling. We spent a couple of hours there and then it was back into town. Next, we hopped on a ferry and headed over to Devonport where we climbed Mt Victoria to get a good scenic view of Auckland across the water. There was even an old anti-aircraft gun emplacement on top of the hill. We spent some time in the town of Devonport and waited out the rains at a local cafĂ©. I even found some pretty cool rides to go on in the town, pretty nice. We headed back to the ship as the day’s weather was a bit of a damper…. Oh, for better weather soon. Tomorrow we will be anchoring at the Bay of Islands. I hope the turns out OK…..


vickie said...

You need to tell your friend the same Beagle got me a couple of years ago for what must have been a cracker crumb at the bottom of my backpack. When they gave it a treat for rewarding the behavior, I knew then why I was nabbed... the dog was just wanting a treat.
Great shot with you inside the Great White... keep enjoying the trip and keep posting all those pics.

Holly said...

OMG - you sooooooooooooo need that shark at home. Too freaking funny!