Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 48 Hobart, Tasmania

The sail into Hobart this morning was very frigid… I was the only one out on the forward deck. No wonder, the wind chill was pretty nasty. Once we docked the temperature improved greatly, but still chilly. My tour didn’t leave until 9:00 so I sat around and cooled my heels for about 2 hours. The ride out to the Huon Valley and the Tahune Air Walk took about 2 hours which was way too long. The Airwalk itself was pretty nice walking up in the canopy but 2 hours was still too long. The views were pretty nice and the guide was pretty informative. During the ride up and back I did get some of the local scenery from the bus. Once we returned to town I got off and explored Hobart for a couple of hours before returning to the ship. Tasmania is a pretty cool place and certainly worthy of another visit. Tomorrow we are back at sea heading for New Zealand….


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
I'm back from CT. Tasmania looks just like I remembered it. It is a fasinating place....too cold for my blood, too.
I need to get caught up on the rest of your blog.
Keep enjoying yourself

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Did you receive my mail re Walvis Bay and Luderitz? Please let me know.