Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 72 At Sea

Today was a fairly reasonable day. Oncwe you got past the high winds and the cooler temps (~70 degrees) it was nice. Fortunatley we had more sun than clouds which made it survivable… It was a pretty lazy day overall, as you can tell from the photo. You can also tell that I am fading fat in this coller climate. Tonight is our last formal night…. It will be very sad to see all (or most) of my new friends leave by Wednesday morning. We already miss Fran & Dave who left us in Honolulu.


whitey (Dr Scholl) said...

Nice to see shots of fellow passengers Jeff as I am sure friends and relatives of them follow the blog.
Hope your foot is ok as I understand the pressure it must put it under walking down hallways, standing on elevator and then the worst would be barefoot on deck in warm climates. Will it ever be the same? LOL.

allan said...

okay who is the fantastic looking lady with you? I will sign this Allan and Sandra but I am sure she does not care. I DO

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
I laughed out loud when I saw the photo on the Lido of nap time! Enjoyed seeing some of the folks on board. All looked great on Formal night. They look like a fun bunch of cruisers!
Hope your foot is well on the mend. Keep having fun, oh Sun god!

Jeff Farschman said...

You should know her Allan.... he is my hairdresser onboard. She is on the World every year. Her name is Corrine and she is from France, fabulous lady.

Holly said...

I think the pink made your tan look a bit faded.