Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 65 At Sea

This morning we crossed the Equator at around 11:40… It was a very, very hot day along the Equator and I loved it. At 2:00 we had a bit of fun with the King Neptune Ceremony around the Lido pool. It was a bunch of craziness and fun. It was a nice day capped off with a formal night…. Great day!


Whitey said...

Thanks for shots Jeff as you have made it very easy for me to tell Santa what I want for Christmas.

One "Pirate" to go please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Heading out tomorrow my sister's for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great Turkey Day, too.

Holly said...

Can you explain more about the Neptune thing? It looks to me like someone got slimmed.

allan said...

Sandra and I wish you a happy thanksgiving. Your king Neptune photo's make me sooooo Jealous. Glad you are have lots of fun and sun. see you soon.