Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 69 Kona, Hawaii

This morning we arrived early at our anchorage outside Kona Hawaii. I went ashore on the first tender without much of a plan. I didn’t expect to go to the beach because of my foot injury but I thought I would walk around and explore the town. I walked along the coast and through the town for about 1 ½ miles when I noticed my foot was bleeding so I headed back to the port and tendered back to the ship. After some wonderful first aid at the medical facility I headed to poolside for some rays… I relaxed the rest of the day celebrating Thanksgiving giving thanks to Ra, the sun god….. Tomorrow we will arrive into Hilo at 0700. I am planning on hiking the volcano on a HAL tour (smart on a bad foot….). Here is a description: Kilauea Volcano Hiking Adventure --- Travel by van to the 4,000 foot summit of Kilauea Volcano. Walk through the Thurston Lava Tube then embark on an incredible 4-mile walk through this fantastic terrain of lava fields and rainforests.


Holly said...

See if they can use the bandaid glue type stuff. That might help. Of course still use bandages over it for added protection. I hope it/you heal fast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Thanks for the call. The picture of Brigetta and Peter is great...tell them hello from me.
I L O V E H A W A I I.
Sorry to hear of your injury.