Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 58 Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We arrived at our anchorage outside Waitangi, Bay of Islands, New Zealand at around 0730. Mike, Janet & I decided to spend the day together and headed out for a hike to Haruru Falls which was about 5k each way. The trails and scenery was just great. We saw a number of birds along the way and quite a few Shag nesting sites. The path led us through the jungle and through the Mangroves… good stuff. The falls were very nice, the long hike was worth it. We walked back via another route which brought us back near Paihia were we went into town to see the sights and have lunch. I ran into some friends from the ship, Lori, Jacky & Corrine where I captured a photo of the 3 divas….. We then walked over to the Waitangi Treaty House where the Maori Chiefs & Great Britain signed a treaty in 1840. We then headed back to the ship capping off a great day.


whitey said...

Well after having a look at the voyage I see your heading north now to warmer climate. Couple of weeks back in LA.
Is this the end for some of the current passengers and you pick up a new load????

Jeff Farschman said...

Everyone but a couple of people get off in L.A.

allan said...

OKAY OKAY 7 WEEKS + 2 days till b/fast. time is passing. great pictures. see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeffrey!

Wow the pictures are really great and the diary is really nice te read and inspire us to ga on holidays soon too!

All the best and enjoy the rest of the trip and all the best to Ron and Will!

Love Aad and Marianne, brother en sister and law of Ron and Wil!

Holly said...

I think I've asked before, but have you ever sailed/cruised or whatever you call it on a sail boat?