Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 45 At Sea

What do you do when the temperatures dip down into the 60s and you have gale force winds? You sit out in the sun all day of course. Just because no one else does it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It was a definite challenge but I did have a good day sitting out in the sun (out of the wind…). I finished off the afternoon with a nice massage before taking Ron, Wil & Willem to dinner in the Pinnacle Grill…. Nice evening! Shawn, Kim & their team do a fabulous job in the Pinnacle. Tomorrow we arrive early in the morning into Melbourne Australia. I have no plans so I will take it as it comes….


vickie said...

After the temps in Greenland and Iceland this past summer, 60's is still a heat wave and for as long as you have been on Amsterdam, I'm sure you know exactly where to get out from the wind. Sounds like you are having a great trip. I just finished moving back home this weekend and that massage you had sure would have felt good.
Keep enjoying life and us worker types will continue to live your travels vicariously.

Bill said...

Jo and I will be leaving for our circle cruise around Australia in a couple of weeks. (You may have passed the Dawn Princess when in Sydney. We will be leaving Melbourne on the Dawn Princess on Nov 18th)

A couple questions:
1. The ship is stopping for an average of 9-hrs at the major ports around Australia; In your opinion, what are some things that we should not miss?

2. The excursions, as laid out by Princess, aren't always where I want to go. Do you recommend renting a car?