Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 46 Melbourne, Australia

I went pretty much according to plan today, that was no plan. I was one of the first off this morning (shock) and made some calls before heading into Melbourne. I wasn’t in too big of a hurry because I was so early that nothing was open. I halfway had thought of going to St Kilda for a beach day but cold weather changed my mind. I took the train into town as far as Collins & King treet and began my hike around the city. I had planned going up the Rialto Tower for a look at the city from lofty heights but it was closed until 10:00. I headed for the Yarra River because a stroll along the river is a lovly walk. I kept criss crossing back and forth across the river checking out the sights. When I got to the Princes Bridge I headed into the Botanical Gardens heading toward the Government House and the Shrine of Rememberence. The gardens were lovely and the shrine tought provoking….. I then headed back to town and made my way across the river again to check out Flinder’s Street Station (magnificent) and the other sights on Swanston Street like the Town Hall. By now the Rialto Tower was open so I made my way down Collins Street to King Street and up to the Observation Deck I went. The views from the top of the Rialto Tower is amazing… Great looking city. I then made my way back to the port where I did updates to my laptop at a local WiFi spot and again made some phone calls. I wasn’t able to connect with everyone… that darn caller ID got me. Tomorrow is a day at sea as we make our way to Tasmania….


allan said...

Was that Victoria market

Jeff Farschman said...

No, that is an arcade along the river.