Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 51 Scenic Cruising of Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

It was a perfect, albeit chilly, day for sailing thru the Fiordland National Park. We sailed through (in order) Milford Sound, Thompson Sound, Doubtful Sound & Dusky Sound. The scenery is just magnificent! Tomorrow we arrive into Dunedin around 0700 and I have a tour down the coast. Here is the description: Otago Coastal Scenes--- Driving north from Port Chalmers to Palmerston you will have panoramic views over Otago Harbour and Taiaroa Head. At Shag Point, walk along the beach to see a large colony of fur seals lying on the rocks. You may also catch a glimpse of the increasingly rare yellow-eyed penguin. Continue on a few more miles to one of nature’s most spectacular sights--the Moeraki Boulders. These geological curiosities each weighing several tons, and measuring up to 12 feet in circumference, lie on Hampden Beach much as if a giant, weary of his play, has walked away from a game of marbles. These spherical, grey, septarian boulders were formed on the sea floor about 60 million years ago. After lunch at the Boulders Restaurant, you will take a look at TrottersGorge. This fragile fragment of native forest, flanked by towering limestone cliffs, contains a fascinating array of features of botanical and geological interest. Return to Port Chalmers via the city of Dunedin, where you will pass through the main shopping district and the Octagon, Dunedin’s cultural heart lined with graceful buildings such as the Town Hall and Modern Art Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
You pictures are always great, BUT these are the most beautiful. Stay warm.

Mary said...

The pictures are really beautiful. Were you ever able to find your underwater camera? Thanks for sahring all of this with us.

allan said...


Anonymous said...

great photos! Glad you had good weather for viewing such spectacular landscape!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shots and awesome weather. What more could one ask for...I know, warmth and sunshine.
Thanks for sharing your marvelous adventure. I look forward to seeing the boulders strewn on the beach like marbles.

June FL

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,
Allmost every day we look on your blog to see if you put some other great pictures. Ofcourse it's all so nice to see my big sis Wil and Ron.
We know you're all enjoying the beautiful trip but the home front begin to miss you all. We count the day to here the great stories! Wil when you're back we put on the chrismas tree together.So far... first we have Sinterklaas en zijn pieterbazen op de stoomboot. Ja,ja vertel Jeff maar wie dat zijn ha,ha.
Big kisses Gerda, Jos & kids

Vickie said...

These fjords were one of of the only places we did not get to see when I did a similar trip back in 2007. We had real bad winds and rough seas. So now at last I get a touch of what I missed. Very nice.
Let's see with around 200 days left on board, I guess it's time for you to be booking your next one?? (smile)
For now, just keep enjoying all those great locations. New Zealand is on my re-do list so I will be looking at what tours you are doing so I can decide for next time.
PS I finally have furniture so at least the inside of my home is looking good.