Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 66 At Sea

What a difference a day makes…. Today was a very windy day with the ship rocking and rolling a bit. If you got out of the wind and away from the spray coming off the pool it wasn’t too bad. I spent the day reading and enjoying music. We have one more day at sea before Hawaii and the talk is that we will have thunderstorms. I really don’t like that kind of talk…. I hope “they” are wrong. It is getting a bit sad as people start packing to return home. Two wonderful people from my dining table, Fran & Dave will be getting off in Honolulu…. they live on Oahu (lucky them). Here’s hoping for a nice day tomorrow.


holly said...

Ah but it could be a GREAT opportunity for some storm cloud pictures!!

Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

And as people leave, it means that a whole new crowd joins and provides an opportunity to make new friends. Here is hoping for nice dining table partners for you. We know how awful it is when there are less than "social" people at the dining table. I agree with Holly about the storm cloud pic's. but don't wish bad weather for you.