Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 47 At Sea

Today was a huge bonus! By all rights it should have been a day spent inside reading or going to lectures. The temperature was in the 50s and the wind was blowing. I found a spot out of the wind very early in the morning and spent a glorious day in the sun. In the afternoon I even moved to the pool area because it felt too warm…. Fabulous! Tonight we have a show by the group “Black Tie”, an Australian Cabaret group, very nice….. I love seeing them. Tomorrow we arrive in Hobart, Tasmania. It will be my first visit there. Here is a description of my tour: Huon Valley & Tahune Forest Air Walk
By motor coach you’ll follow the coastal road on a breathtaking scenic route from Hobart to the Huon Valley and Bruny Island, past sweeping sea views of Storm Bay and the Iron Pot--Australia’s oldest lighthouse. Follow the meandering coastline south to Cygnet through the small towns that freckle the d’Entrecasteaux Channel and glimpse the sails and spinnakers of cruising yachts, hardworking fishing boats and salmon farmers in their runabouts. Orchards and vineyards abound in the fertile hills of the Huon Valley beside the dark waters of the Huon River. Venture deep into forest country, past the small timber town of Geeveston to the Arve and Tahune Forests and the Tahune Air Walk. Take a walk in the treetop canopy deep in the heart of the Tahune Forest Reserve for a magical forest experience up to 110 feet above the forest floor. The highest point of the 570-yard walk just out overlooking the magnificent confluence of the Huon and Picton Rivers.


allan said...

Jeff ref dinning, why did it get changed. You have been VERY supportive of the managment team, it makes no sense to change. This is YOUR home.Sombody should rethink the objectives of passenger satisfaction. Have a great day. Allan and Sandra

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff.
Just a little post from the other daughter in law of Ron en Wil.
It is so nice to read your stories and looking at such beautifull pictures, so we know where you are and what you're doing. I can imagine your having one of the most beautifull trips.
Send our love to Ron and Wil and tell them we miss them.
Suzan, Dirk and Sjef

ps. make sure you're gonna be a very 'happy camper' again soon

Anonymous said...

Did you spill something jeff?
Walked into dining room with fly open?

Gee what caused this?

Holly said...

Dang - do not knowing you are not a happy camper........

Whip on that there Bulldogger tie and rope 'em to the ground. Yehaw!