Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 62 At Sea

Today was just perfect…. The sun was blazing all day. It was sizzling! We crossed back over the International Dateline so we are back on the same day as North America. I sat by the pool all day, visited with friends, read and listened to music… doesn’t get much better than that. To make sure I didn’t get stressed out by such a magnificent day I went for a 1 ½ hour massage before joining Ron & Wil in the Crow’s Nest before dinner. What a great day! Tomorrow we will be in Apia, Samoa. I have been here numerous times. It is a very lush and beautiful island with really nice people. I am not sure what I’ll do yet but I will go out and take some photos for you folks. We are also getting close to the Equator; I can really feel it… yeah! I think we’ll cross back over it in the next few days.


casper said...

Just noticed your friends Ron & Wil have a liking for hats!
Hmmm luggage issues coming?

Travel plans up in the air?
Hal and the Grand Voyages?
Hey you, a bad day aboard the ship vs shoveling snow and driving in freezing rain? What would I choose?
Signed, "getting whiter by the day".

Mary said...

Glad you had a nice day on board. Can't wait for new pictures. It's getting cold and very cloudy here so it's nice to read about the sun. Hope you continue to have fun.