Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 80 Acapulco. Mexico

I guess it’s around the world in 80 days…. It doesn’t seem that long. WE arrived into Acapulco this morning to bright sunny skies. It looked like it would be an amazing day. The sunrise itself was fabulous…. I decided to just walk around a bit of old Acapulco, take some photos and return to the ship and relax poolside. I got off the ship and headed for the square in old town and from there just kept walking. In fact I walked all the way to La Quebrada, the cliff divers…. It is a pretty good walk through some less than scenic neighborhoods. It was a nice adventure. Once back I did return to the ship and spent the rest of the afternoon poolside. It still seems really strange to not see my friends around from the Grand Voyage…. I hope they are all doing well back home. Tomorrow we will be in Huatulco, Mexico. MY plan for tomorrow is very similar to today.

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Anonymous said...

We miss being with you on the beautiful Amsterdam. This is the first opportunity I've had to look at your blog....again amazing pictures.

I hope your big toe is all better by now. I've talked to Karen, Dawn & Budd, and Sharon on the phone and they are all freezing since they are having unusually cold weather (and snowing now in your area of the country). I definitely think we have made some life long friends from this cruise. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to sail with you again or you will get to stop by and visit us if you do your road trip this summer.

Take care and Merry Christmas!!!

Your friends,
Mike and Pauline