Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 89 Corinto, Nicaragua

Today was my first visit to Nicaragua and it was a great one. First of all the people were very open and friendly. That made the day spectacular. There were amazing photo opportunities… lots of good people shots. We arrived around 0900 this morning and Aart, Yvonne & I left the ship to explore the town of Corinto. It was very lively, colorful anf very friendly. We even took one of the local “taxis”. a bicycle driven transport vechicle around the town. Since it was a very hot day being peddled around wasn’t too bad. I found the town quite enchanting. We went back to the ship, relaxed a while and had lunch before our afternoon tour. At 1:45 we left on a ship’s tour described as: Nicaragua’s Traditions & More—Visit El Viejo town ~ meaning “the old one” that offers authentic culture & known for its wide variety of local foods & the 17th century colonial church known as the Menor Basilica. Witness the splendidly maintained & richly decorated interior. Continue to Chinandega- a colorful town with an impressive colonial church in the middle of the city. The tour was pretty good especially the first part in El Viejo, nice photo opportunities. The day overall was fabulous… hope to return some day. Tonight I had dinner in the Pinnacle Grill with the Hotel Manager, his wife Karen, Aart & Yvonne. It was a fabulous dinner and the company was extraordinary…. Great evening!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
As Sandra and Allen said yesterday,you are talented. I hate to make you get a swollen head, but today's pictures are tremendous. You actually capture the souls of these people and places. I wish I had your talent.
I think a lot of folks know what a talented photog you are but don't know what a fun guy you can be. I miss that. Keep being fun!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog since you left on the cruise with Kween Karen and the Stansfields!

I see the pic above of the they eat them??

Thanks for all the beautiful pics!

Mary said...

I so agree with B-FL. These pictures are amazing. I love all of the pictures you share but these are special. Thank you so much.