Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 91 At Sea

Today was pretty uneventful… This mornng the winds were exceptionally high, Force 9 but there was just a bit of sun. I set up my chair and relaxed outside for most of the day. Later in the morning the winds calmed, the sun came out in ernest and it was grand. They had the Mariner’s Lunch today preceeded by a cocktail party and awards presentation. I was invited to attend and receive my Platinum Medallion for surpassing 700 days. I elected not to attend. I don’t normally go to the dining room for lunch, it has to be something really special. If it’s not important enough for the hosts on the Amsterdam to sit and dine with the guests they invited, then it’s not important for me. On the Maasdam, the Captain & Hotel Manager hosted tables at the luncheon and it was a nice event…. I’m taking the night off and hanging out in the cabin after a nice massage. My friends Aart & Yvonne are dining with the Captain so they should have a nice evening. I didn’t quite make the cut so I’ll sit back and relax…. Tomorrow will be another sea day which I am looking forward to…... The crew are jumping through hoops on the ship for an outbreak of the Norovirus, what a pain. I hope they get it under control soon. The day after tomorrow, Olav van der Waard, the Captain for the holiday voyage and the Grand World will be joining the ship. It will be good to see him again.


Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

We too found it disgusting to be forced into shopping at HAL's discretion. Don't mind shopping and supporting local economies but only if it is thru our choice. Hope someone at HAL takes note of your blog and comments yesterday and today. As we have all experienced, all guests on HAL are not equal -- this too is disgusting. Jeff, we just like you can certainly make comparisons with many other cruise lines in these areas. Well, must go enjoy the snow and -15 temps.

Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

Jeff, you can tell Aart that we have a new doggy for him, all he has to do is promise to keep it away from that nasty Hotel manager, who lays on doggies in his sleep, or so he says, over board more likely.
Just let us know whether Aart is interested in a new (virtual) doggy travel companion

vickie said...

Just got off the Eurodam and it was a disappointment that no one hosted the table for the Mariners lunch and worse yet, we waited for almost 30 minutes since no one sent an RSVP to the dining room that they were not going to show. I might just start taking your approach. Also, they wanted to charge for the picture. After over 730 days onboard they want $20 for a photo... very bad customer service
See you in L.A.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
If you're still on the Amsterdam, it doesn't surprise me no host showed for the luncheon. "Capt Invisible" still in charge? What a shame.
I agree with Michelle, Rudy and Vicki, give them some of their own medicine and eat luch in your stateroom. Ha ha, then you don't have to get out of your swimsuit/tank.