Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 2 Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Today was a great start for this Caribbean voyage….  It started of slow because the weather looked very threatening early on but in the end the sun prevailed.  I went ashore on the first tender (no surprise there) and immediately started a walk (about 2 hours) around the island looking for photo opportunities.  By the time I got back the sun was in full swing.  The day was really nice.  Yesterday, I met a long time blog follower, June, and her husband & friends….  Today they appeared in the blog…..  you have to be very careful when I have a camera in hand.  Anyway, the day was going great until I smashed my left foot into a rock and peeled back a pretty good size chunk of big toe….. not a good start for a 6 month adventure.  I went back to the ship, had a bit of first aid done and went to the pool to finish a grand day.  What a wonderful day!!!!




guy said...

Every time i get to half moon, i never make it over to the other side of the island. I guess by the time i get over to the island on my voyages, and then eat. It's time to get back onboard. So i making a mental note to make sure i get there next time.

Nora said...

Hi Jeff, HMC looks beautiful as ever but, where were all the beach bums? Sorry to hear about your toe, seems that you did this big time last year. Better get some water shoes QUICK!!!!
Happy sailing

Nora in Vancouver, Canada

Orlin and Barbara said...

We will be following your adventures,Jeff.
We spent five weeks on the Maasdam this summer with our grandson.Hope to see you on the Amsterdam next fall on the Asia Australia grand voyage.Have a great cruise!!!!
Orlin and Barbara

Holly said...

and the Tan Man Adventure begins!

HappyCruiser said...

Yikes, you've got to quit smashing up your toes. Oowie!! Get yourself some Teva Toachies with toe protection.

Here's to no more foot mishaps on the rest of your trip!