Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 7 Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados…. One of my favorite beach spots, until now…. I have been doing favorable write-ups on Barbados for a long time and recommending that people go to the Boatyard, No more! I got off the ship this morning around 8:00 all packed and ready to go for a day at the Boatyard (beach). I was to meet a group of 12 friends there around noon for lunch and for them, a heavy afternoon at the Boatyard bar. Anyway, I went to catch a taxi even though it is walking distance since my foot is still injured. The taxi fare is $3/person in a shuttle van and (supposed to be) $10 if you are going alone. Anyway, I was alone since my friends weren’t joining me until later. Imagine my surprise when the taxi drivers insisted I pay $42 for a ride by myself….. $42!!!!! That just pissed me off to the point that I wouldn’t recommend this island to anyone. I started to walk and a very nice taxi driver, Chris, heard of my poor treatment and came to my aid. He told me to go out the gate and one of his guys, Apple, would give me a ride for the customary fare of $10. “The Big Apple” was great and soon I arrived at my exciting destination (or so I thought), The Boatyard. As my friends know, I have been coming here for years… At one point I was coming every week for a few months. I knew they didn’t open until 10:00 but I have always gone early, got settled, and paid my entrance fee once they were set up. The biggest drawback for me is that, as all my friends know, I only drink Diet Coke which is not available on the island of Barbados. I was all settled in taking photos (especially of a wonderful couple playing toss) when I was approached by one of the employees who told me I could not drink my diet coke on the property. I told him that if he had diet coke I would be more than happy to purchase my drinks from them. The bartender (and possibly owner) who was quit rude told me he had diet coke on tap. I asked him several times if he was sure because the island doesn’t carry it. He kept telling me yes until finally the truth came out and he told me that it was Coke Light which I don’t like. I told him I would take my drinks off his property and only drink them outside the Boatyard…. He said I couldn’t do that. He did say I could drink them if I paid $4/can corkage fee. At this point my inner voice was saying “what and idiot”, my outside voice was much nicer, I just told him that he was crazy and that was a complete rip off. So, that is how my day on the island ended earlier than usual. Fortunately, I got back to the ship before my friends went to the Boatyard….. Yeah!!!!! They would have probably spent at least $1000. Anyway, Barbados is not a place where I would travel to in the future. The next time I come on a ship I may stay onboard. I believe this island has lost its way…. At one time the people of Barbados were magnificent, like Chris & Apple. Is it a coincidence that Barbados has the word Bad in it? I no longer recommend Barbados as a destination. By the way, I had a terrific day! I did have a nice swim at the beach and a fabulous afternoon poolside at the ship (drinking diet coke). Oh, almost forgot! I was kind enough to provide my blog address to some of the local officials….


Mary said...

I'm going to Barbados in February. Guess I'll stay on the ship. Thanks for the tip Jeff. Glad your day worked out.

guy said...

hey glad to hear the news abt barBADos. Will take it into consideration on my next cruise to the BAD island. ha ha. Sorry that you had a terrible time on the island but made it back to the ship with your diet coke.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the Boatyard! There are still some nice people in Barbados...just more and more that want to take advantage of you!
We had an issue at Crane Beach the last time we were there.

Holly said...

Holy Smokes!! Your whole day was one mishap after another. I understand why you'd not want to visit again. I've never been and it makes me think that's ok if I don't.

bksunbuddies said...

Wish I would have known...Forget the Boatyard! Next time try a catamaran...swim with turtles, lunch, drinks full day of FUN. Two very reputable cats are Calabaza and SilverMoon. We usually get some people together and rent the cat for 12 people. You would love the snorkeling and the close up pictures with the turtles. Not as exotic as Bora Bora but definitely worth it!

We sure hope you don't run into anymore "Boatyard type" people on your cruise.

Have fun!

Karen & Brad

whitey said...

It's ten bucks by cab and then they send you back in a cab as it's included in the entrance fee to Boatyard.
I knew you were early looking at pics as it fills up. I have never had a probelm with my beverages there mind you not diet coke, hahaha. It's diet Coors.
What a shame as its something you enjoy doing!

MaryAnn said...

So sorry to hear what has become of Barbados - wish you had met only the great people and not the scammers.

Your first week and problems with the ship and port.

I'll get better !


MaryAnn said...

Sorry Barbados has gone the way of all the Carib. Islands. People in the tourist areas scamming - all the nice folks staying away.

The ship and the islands having problems - and hope this is the only segment of your adventure going bad.