Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 171 Male, Maldives

We arrived at our anchorage off the coast on Male, Maldives around 7:00 a.m. It was a lovely sail in…. I looked at amazement at this very flat and very small island that was totally covered with buildings right up to the shore. The island of Male is considered the second most densely populated island in the world (after Ap Lei Chau of Hong Kong). The highest point in the island group is just over 2 meters. With global warming and the prospect of rising sea levels the island group could be in serious trouble. The country itself is totally Muslim which is very apparent as you explore the city. The people were pretty nice as long as you didn’t try to cross the street. There are motorbikes everywhere and you could easily get run over if you didn’t watch yourself…. It was a nice but very hot and steamy visit. Apparently it wasn’t too hot because after getting back to the ship it was directly poolside…. We now have 2 sea days as we make our way to India. First stop, Mumbai (Bombay), always an interesting place to visit.


Michael said...

Jeff, I enjoy following you on your blog. I don't mind only one day being on the first page. I look forward to continue reading about your travels.

Holly said...

Ditto. Except that I need to get a world map out.