Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 175 Mumbai, India

Today we looked closely and experienced the “Slumdog Millionaire’s” Mumbai. We went right into the Dharvi slums and surrounding areas…. It is a pretty disturbing place but a place none the less that is vibrant and full of life. These are places in India that never quite make it to the travel brochure. India is an amazing place to me… sensory overload!


whitey said...

Great shots Jeff and truly gives an insight on what it's all about.
Please tell me no timeshare reps bugged you on the street?

Lawrence said...

Haven't been to India in many years. Love your photos, which capture much of what life is like. The only thing missing is the smell, like no other place I've ever been.

Great photos. Thanks.
Lawrence Peterson

Anonymous said...

Whow....amaizing photos again.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, definitely NOT brochure pictures ......fascinating & again thanks for sharing !!