Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 193 At Sea

Today was very laid back… We are in much cooler temps and that means no pool time. It gave me time to rest up for our upcoming ports in China. Tonight I will be joining my Jewish friends for the Passover Seder dinner. It should be a nice evening. Tonight at showtime we had a presentation by Sam Donaldson of broadcast journalism fame. It was definitely interesting to hear what is going on in Washington from a liberals perspective....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
So Glad you are celebrating in a multi-cultural way. Star and I went to the Jewish Festival last weekend. We had a blast. We participated in a Model Seder. Being Catholic, it was fabulous to learn of their traditions and beliefs. I'm not sure I care for their traditional Seder foods.
You are still taking fabulous pictures. I can't believe you only have about 30 days left of this adventure.
Take care, God Bless and have a wonderful Easter.