Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 173 At Sea

Today was another hot, steamy day sailing through the Indian Ocean… It is so relaxing. I’ll need the rest for the next 2 days in Mumbai, India. It will be guaranteed to be hot and there are so many things to do and see. I will start the morning off with a tour. Here is the description: Marvels of Mumbai --- To experience the highlights of Mumbai, you must start with the city’s most famous landmark--the Gateway of India Indo- Saracenic archway, built in 1911. You will also visit the Prince of Wales Museum with its white Mughal-style dome by architect George Wittet. Inside, you will find displays of jade, Mughal Empire weapons, 3rdcentury BC terra cotta figures from Gandhara, a former colony of Alexander the Great. However, the museum’s main attraction is a superb collection of Indian paintings, illustrated manuscripts and exquisite miniatures. Next, you’ll stop at Mani Bhavan--Mahatma Gandhi’s Bombay base from 1917 to 1934. This building is now a museum and memorial to the famous leader of non-violent non-cooperation. Take advantage of a unique and colorful photo opportunity at the dhobi ghats, where laundry from all over Mumbai is brought to be soaped, soaked, boiled and beaten. On your way back to the pier, watch for the Victoria Terminus railway station, built during Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee year. It is an extraordinary conglomeration of domes, spires, Corinthian columns and minarets in a style described by journalist James Cameron as “Victorian-Gothic- Saracenic-Italianate-Oriental-St. Pancras- Baroque.” The first train in India left from this station in 1853; now, half a million commuters pass through the station every day. The rest of the day will be taken as it comes….


whitey said...

Train was not built by Toyota then?

Enjoy the heat bud!

Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

Maybe the train was built by Toyota as Jeff's comments say "The first train in India left from this station in 1853; now, half a million commuters PASS through the station every day. " They just pass and don't stop......

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
I'm back! I've reviewed quite a few of the days I missed while I was on my cruise. I can't believe you are already at 174 days. Good times days go so fast. Pictures are still fantastic! I'm beginning to take you for granted! Ha ha!
Hi to McLeods, if you are reading Jeff's blog. You are way too young to be his second parents!

whitey said...

Jeff just to give you a weather update.

Saw some nice pics this am on the news of the snowfall in Venice Italy yesterday. Yes below freezing!

Enjoy the heat Bud...
Hate repeating myself.

Oh to help Michelle and Rudy do the trains have floor mats?