Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moving on to Ocean City, New Jersey...

I left Rehoboth Beach early this morning heading for the Cape May Lewes ferry.... My reservation was for 0915 so I had about an hour to wait when I got there. It gave me the opportunity to take a few photos, including another WWII tower. This one also had a few buzzards hanging around. The ferry loaded up an off we went on our way to Cape May New Jersey. The ride isn't too bad, only 80 minutes. The swell was pretty big today so we rocked and rolled all the way there. The views are nice leaving Lewes and arriving Cape May because I just love light houses.... There were even some dolphins along the way. I arrived at my friends house in Ocean City safely and after unloading , went to the beach. Today was a minor miracle... the forecast was for lots of storms and we got lots of sun instead. There was a storm system going north and the front was pretty close but never affected the beach... yeah!!!! So, it was a fabulous day here in Ocean City, at the beach.


Jean said...


Thanks for all the lighthouses!!
Great photos as usual!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Totally awesome light houses. Always had a fantasy of buying a light house, remodeling it and living in it!
'Course since I'm getting older, I'd have to install an elevator.
Love dolphins, too. My favorite land, air or sea critter.
Glad you missed the storms, by now you should know to just ignore weather forecasts. Ha ha!
Sorry if this is a repeat, net's acting up tonight.

Holly said...

Loving the lighthouses and the WWII towers - haven't seen those before - thanks for sharing!