Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 102 Cadiz, Spain

Today was a fairly short one ashore for me.  Robert, Bronwyn, Ed, Becky & I left the ship around 9:30 and started exploring Cadiz.  The Cathedral and the Torre Tavira were definite highlights.  The Torre Tavira gave us a spectacular view of the city.  After the visit to the tower we had a snack and I basically called it a day.  My enthusiasm for continuing activities ashore pretty much evaporated so I just returned to the ship and sat out and read the rest of the day.  One more port and this voyage is pretty much done….


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beachlady said...

wow jeff, i never thought i'd see the day that you were done with exploring ashore!! what will we do without your fantastic blog every day. it is part of our routine. here is a great fun site for you and all your followers. it lets you check off the countries you have been to and it will show you a map of how much of the world you have seen. let us know your score.