Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 96 At Sea

Today was pretty chilly and very windy….  I did find a spot out of the wind so I managed 4 or 5 hours of sun time.  In the late afternoon I even started packing… yes, packing!  After 6 months it’s almost time to head home.  Last night was just wonderful!  I really enjoyed celebrating my birthday with such special friends.  I even had 2 cakes…..  I had a chocolate cake and an ice cream cake topped with macadamia nuts, yummy!   Great evening…




Anonymous said...

You deserve the two cakes, Jeff! And you just happened to have my two favorite kinds... YUM! Happy Birthday again!


W3 said...

Hi Jeff,
6 months?? Where has the time gone!! It must be true that time flies when you are having fun!! Must be time to publish another book.

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for your blog and I have enjoyed reading it every day - you are a tremendous photographer. So, what is next?

Best regards,
Ben McDonald
Boise, ID