Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 109 At Sea

This morning it was looking a bit grim weather wise but it cleared fairly quickly…  It was another spectacular day at sea.  The sun was very hot and the pool felt very refreshing.  This evening we had our last formal night.  The dinner was great and the Black & Gold Ball a lot of fun.  A number of people continued the party upstairs at the Crow’s Nest after the Ball.  It was a great day.  Tomorrow we may have a bit of rain in the forecast which is OK because I have to complete my packing.  I am all set up for my shipment of bags home thanks to Sarah Coles and Shelby and Maureen (top photo).  These ladies have worked countless hours since they arrived in Spain assuring the shipping needs of the World Voyage guests were satisfied.  Great job!!!




Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Sad to see your voyage end as I know you are. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.
Hope you had an nice Easter. With a little luck the rains will be gone and the sun out to welcome you home.

BVH- Groton, Ct.

The Zobells said...

Hi Jeff,

Well we only made it to 101 days of the cruise. It was fun getting to know you. Who do you use to get your blog printed into a book?

Jeff Farschman said...

I was very sad when I heard you had left the ship. Call me tomorrow or email me and we can discuss puplishing.