Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 98 Naples, Italy

What a difference a day makes….. Yesterday was just perfect, including the weather. Today, we had the perfect city and perfect plan to explore it but…. the weather was really, really bad. It was cold, wet and windy…a bad combination. Ed. Becky and I made the best of it. We started out exploring Castel Nuovo and then meandered our way up to Castel St. Elmo way on top of the hill overlooking Naples. It was raining so bad and we were getting pretty cold so eventually we walked back down from the mountain and settled into a nice restaurant fro some nice, delicious hot pizza…. Yummy! I included a photo of a rare piece of artwork from a little known artist, Eduardo el manifico... Such talent! We made it back to the ship where I took a long hot shower and elected to not venture forth again. Oh yeah! Soon after we returned back to the ship, the rains stopped and the skies cleared. It was still too late for me to reconsider. It is time to look forward to tomorrow… Roma!!!

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