Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 97 Naples, Italy (Part 1)

Today was a very busy day….  We arrived early into the beautiful port of Naples Italy.  Allan, Sandra, Robert, Bronwyn, Vicki, Ed, Becky & I headed out with our guide Giovanni Guida aka Joe Banana.  His company is Joe Banana Limos at www.joebananalimos.net.  I give you all this info because he was fantastic….  I highly recommend him if you are coming to Italy.  Anyway, our first destination was Pompeii.  What an amazing tour….  It is pretty well preserved after being covered with ash by Mt. Vesuvius so long ago back in 79 A.D.  We spent a fair amount of the morning there before heading to the Amalfi coast.  I took so many photos today that I am doing 2 posts….  The Amalfi coast with Amalfi, Positano & Sorrento are posted after this one….




Anonymous said...

Going to share the link to your blog again, I know several people who are planning to travel to Italy! Always good to have recommendations for guides!!
Lovely pictures as always! Thanks for sharing~

Stakeout said...

pretty sure that link for Joe Bananas is broken... this should be the correct one

we'll be in Naples for an overnite on the Maasdam for the Europe 45 day cruise in October