Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 108 At Sea

Today was the best yet…  It is hard to believe that we are crossing the Atlantic.  The weather was very hot and sunny.  Tonight we had the Mariner Cocktail party which was a lot of fun.  Also, our second headliner, Wayne Newton, performed this evening.  He is still quite the showman but unfortunately his great singing voice has completely left him.  It is really sad to think that could happen to such a great entertainer….




Helen Harper said...

Hi Jeff,
Have been enjoying your blog.
You should just move onto numerous HAL ships........keep a wardrobe of clothes in your stateroom on each ship..........and call HAL home!
Your adventures sound delightful!
Hoping to be back to cruising soon!
Helen Harper

Anonymous said...

Jeff, The last time I saw Wayne Newton was in Atlantic City 14 years ago now, sat next to the wife in the front row, and yes he is a great entertainer. Look forward to having you in cell phone disitance. P.S. Gloria is home and going very well

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff, thanks for all the pictures and informations we have seenpokbi on your blog. How many Mariner's days do you have now, must be far over the thousand?
Have a good trip home Tuesday and shall contact you, when you are at home.
Yvonne & Aart

William said...


Carolyn and I saw Wayne Newton a few years ago in Vegas and your comments are spot on. I also enjoyed Brad's comment and am glad to know Gloria is doing well. This remindes me of last year when we all saw Doc Severinsen on the cruise. As you know, he was still very much on his game and put on a great show.